Oh Mock the Heavens and Let the Heathens Sing

by Heathens

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Our debut EP
Extremely limited to 30 handcrafted copies (lyrics included), and comes in a numbered box with a sticker, a photo and a bonus CD featuring a personal introduction to the band, album credits and desktop backgrounds.


released May 8, 2010

Written and recorded by Heathens

Keenan Oakes - Vocals, Bass
Dylan Viljoen - Guitars, Keyboards
Jason Jardim - Drums




Heathens Cape Town, South Africa

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Track Name: The Return
In ages dark
In the scum-infested abyss
Hordes of METAL gather ‘round to conspire
And cleanse the land with fire
The fire of all creation
I’m waiting for their cry
To initiate the end of time
The force that drives
The beginning of life
Days of infamy
Forgotten holy wars
Resurrected to be slaughtered
The devil will have his way
Return to me
I’m waiting for your call
Return to me
The climb, not the fall
Return to me
Death is everywhere
Return to me
Track Name: 'Til the Aeons Come
With the wind we ride
On the backs of logic 'til the aeons come
Our wills are strong
Defying the blinding haze
This is the end of their feeble ways
This is the end of their worthless thrones
You are greater than ancient words
You are the divine among the fallen
You are endless, unconquerable
You have been chosen
Now breathe in the air
Oh brothers engaged in war
Then look to the light
And feel the triumphant rays
The walls are burning down
The truth of time is at hand
This is the end
This is the end
With the wind we ride
On the backs of logic 'til the aeons come
Alive and omnipotent
There exists a higher cause
This is the end of their feeble ways
This is the end of their worthless thrones
Track Name: Pagan Pleasures
Vomit forth the blasphemies
With forked tongues and open seas
Won't embrace the cross
Won't begin to kneel
In life and death, marked with the heathen seal
I'm fucking pissed
I hate the world
Eternal misanthrope
With sword in hand
I'm taking names
So many to slay
Logic fills the air
As blood rains from the sky
And now we dine and drink
Demons come knocking at your door
Apterous angels in gore
Demons go looking for more
Shaking the golden gates
Putrid skin stinks the land
The bodies pile up
Entrails stain the sand
They've read the book
They've filled the pews
They speak in tongues
But we're not fooled
Show no mercy for the rotten ones
They breed to spread their pathetic ways
The bigot preachers can do us no harm
Pagans we stand
Pissing on the throne
Track Name: Revelations and an End
Awake from drug-induced slumber
You, fearless race of gods
Make haste, there are many who need thee
Make haste, I plea, I plea
With your horses gallop far and wide
To the kingdoms of all the kings
When you’re there let your foul-mouth gape
Ripen the evil heart of man
Raise it high
Raise it higher!
Sleep sound, shackles removed
Remember all these days have seen
The extinction of feeble ways
Made worthy, the worthless throne
Farewell my brothers
And plagues to you my foes
To revelations and an end…